Thursday, May 26, 2016

DrmDota - advanced micro for DotA. version 8

Drmdota is an advanced micro tool for Dota Allstars.
Can be used on and Garena.

You can use free ftures in multiplayer game, or try out VIP ftures in single player game without paying.
For VIP ftures, DrmDota is a private and is only available when purchased VIP.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne with version 1.24b ~ 1.24e.
DotA Allstars map 6.63 ~ 6.67c

Where to download
Latest version: v8

How to use
Download and extract 3 dlls, put them into your warcraft folder.
Start game (no matter with exe or with garena), there apprs a login window.
You can login with VIP account, or click on trial to test.

If you dont see the login window, check your antivirus setting (probably false kill)
or contact me on MSN:

How to buy VIP
Price, Payment and contact informations:

We are in cooperation with Garena.
You may also purchase it on Garena, check the following page:
Drm dota - Dota last hit/auto dodge

DrmDota Ftures:

Free Ftures - UI related functions
- Press Pause to turn on / off all functions.

- Hot to toggle score board on / off (hot: tab)

- Shows hero damage taken / hling value over unit with different colors:
white - enemy hero takes physical damage
yellow - enemy hero takes critical / spell damage
red - your own hero takes damage
(toggle fture on/off with hot: Home)

- Shows your hero's attack range while holding
(hot: ~)

- Camera fture
Incrse camera distance: hot "-" on numpad, max 3000
Decrse camera distance: hot "+" on numpad, min 1650
Change angle of attack between normal and vertical: hot "*" on numpad

- Unit model improvement:
slightly modified several hero's 3d model for sier selection / targeting
they are : Venomancer, Atropos, Rooftrellen

- Detection of other player map clicking not visible item / rune
- Detection of other player exchange gold using map

VIP Ftures - micro related functions

You can define custom for last hit and score board toggle.
By default: 256 (tilde) for last hit, and 515 (tab) for score board.
For further informations about value, plse visit:

* Auto last hit / deny hit (default hot "~") *

Hold down the to use auto hit, relse it to move freely.
Ranged hero only hits targets in its range, melee hero will auto move and hits units within 700 range.
Your hero will also last hit towers and neutral creeps

Extra functions while holding down the :
- when an enemy hero enters your attack range, your hero will automatically
attack it, but last hit action has higher priority.
- if your hero is going to be attacked by creep units, it will try to distract their attack
using attack command on a friendly unit for very short time.

* Auto avoiding spells *

- Pudge mt hook
- PotM arrow
- Windrunner arrow
- kunnka
- use Kelen's Dagger to avoid Tidehunter's ulti skill if available
there will be more in the future !

* Map *
unlike many map, these functions are simple but safe and undetectable.
Both are default off, you can turn on with End

- Shows enemy hero loion on minimap with ping signal
with red or player color depending on ally filter setting
- Rune spawn message
reports loion and type of rune when spawned

* Micro improvements *
improves user's action and gameplay.

- Spectre's advanced routing:
when Spectre enters no-collision mode, its move action will be reinterpreted
as a straight path toward destination.

- Pandaren Brewmaster's auto usage of spells:
when your brewmaster uses ultimate skill, the rth panda will automatically
throw bolt to stun an enemy hero (best target) in its spell range.
Storm panda will cyclone another (stronger one) enemy hero.

- Storm spirit(raijin) combo:
after ch spell cast, your storm spirit attacks a best target (enemy hero) within range
this will make best usage of 3rd skill ( overloading)

- Shadow shaman's serpent ward surrounding:
when you cast its ulti skill: serpent ward to loion that is very close to an enemy hero,
the action will be adjusted and there is high chance to surround the target directly with wards.

- Advanced 4-units surrounding:
whenever you control at lst 4 units that have collisions, select them and
keep using "(M)ove" command rapidly on an enemy unit, just the same as the common surrounding micro,
your ch unit goes to the right position and surrounds the target.

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