Thursday, May 26, 2016

DotA 6.68 Preview Coming Soon!

IceFrog in my last blog, which published an update on new developments in the next DotA 6.68. As we know, IceFrog rdy to introduce a balanced result, a perfect balance between characters is proposed brings communities in the new version of DotA to help. He also said DOTA 6.68 is a preview on the witch, highlighting new content and changes we will see 6.68

That is, his words IceFrog:

I'm still 6.68. We will post a preview in the nr future to see new content. There are a few new heroes, so that the time to ensure high quality. It is also the current contents of the balance between work and many other improvements and ftures.

If there is something that can be seen and subsequent amendments, plse let me know.

Yes guys, it affects our IceFrog comprehensive, balanced and of course, new episodes of Heroes (, cosmetics, etc.). Be prepared to experience something new dota 6.68, preview soon!.

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