Thursday, May 26, 2016

BuffMePlz Retires From Developing DotA AI Maps!

BuffMePlz, developer of DotA AI map recently in his blog that he sensing AI known. It is very sad news for DotA community, there has been established that the author of the version of DotA AI map life in the past two yrs. DotA fans have a grt job and thank him for it and good luck in the future!

It is the latest update BuffMePlz:

After much thought and consideration, I decided not to go with the AI Dota maps. My other work got in the next phase of my life, very little interest in DotA, frustration and meets the needs of the community and the community to cope with my absence, I think it's better for me to drive this project and move.

It is nice for two yrs, and almost all the updates since version 6.49 (This is the sixth 66b crazy now!) How lazyfiend / RGB, said that when he went out, I think this work more fun, the card is for me and is actually a bit difficult.

God, we Tony (Killerbee) turn to take the ld, and he decides, I'll try to help them as much as possible. Otherwise, I hope that my party like the last two yrs lrning the complexity of the engine and the WC3 is the site-specific.

My passion has always been fun bars, and although it develop from time to time to some of the maps on my old blog trademarks and / or the original, so page website and comments will be betrayed by my continued here.

Thanks guys and have fun!

As mentioned above, methionine ask God, Tony (Killerbee) nor DotA AI. I hope that someone start BuffMePlz and Development DotA 6.67c AI and AI 6.68 DotA map.

Agin, BMP Thank you for your time!.

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