Thursday, May 26, 2016

Skills WUtil Map


* Revl units
* Remove fog (full or partitial)
* Manabars
* TP-revl
* Safe-Click
* Revl abilitys of enemy units.
* Different -bar color for non-own units.
* Show move speed of hero units in tooltip
* Press tab to show player resources box.
* Ingame map settings menu (Game menu --> Options --> Map)
* Anti-Detection
How To:
* Extract all files from the zip archive to your Warcraft root directory.
* Close Warcraft if alrdy running
* Run WUtil_Loader.exe and wait until Warcraft 3 launches.

Can I get banned for using this?

Currently not. There is some to hide the from Warden. But as always, I can't guarantee anything so use it on your own risk.

It is intended to work only with newest official Warcraft client on So no support for Garena or similar.Downloads :

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