Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena 5.7.1 and How to use

Made by Garena Russian Community & Garena-er
Change log 5.7.1:
- Added Garena Universal Map (GUMH)
- Some Thinks changed in _Helper.exe
- Anti Guard GGC (While isn't ban no one account)
- Added W3XCustomKick 1.22e - 1.24 (.../Tools/Tool's/ )
- Isn't working flood/rl ping (Wait for next the version)
- Standart Skin of GGC

Changelog 5.7:

- Added Mega EXP

- Added Visual Custom Kick

- Added Mass Tunel

- Added Spam Bot 2.5

- Added War3tools

- Helper.exe updated до 1.11

- Added Garena Server Pinger .

Virus Total
Inject.exe Virustotal. MD5: 2ab56491246053f39577a9620f30d195

_Helper.exe Virustotal. MD5: c0af43f8aa5cb7e7473d35846e7f45

How to start:
1.Open _Helper.exe

2.Click "Click to the link"

3.Now apprs Main Menu

Start what you want

TRiLLeR from 1st-

NO from Your Daily Needed fuck

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