Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena updated 4.17 Log


Version : 4.17
Changelog : fixed mh errors you need to execute these 2 commands and reboot your pc to make it work

sc delete RESSET
sc delete cqccyh

Version : 4.14
Changelog : Solved antivirus false alert , fixed superposition in 1.24 , improved efficiency some interface change

Version : 4.13
Changelog : sys file auto relsed.

Version : 4.12
Changelog : supports 64bit pc

Version : 4.10
Changelog : fixed some erros fixed some pc cannot make map work

Version : 4.08
Changelog : some error fixes for vista pc plse open Garena first, then click Brk Protection this version of Garena doesnt modify Garena at all, So it will wont get detected and baned

Version : NO VERSION
Changelog : CLOSED for 1-2 days for checking.

Version : 4.07
Changelog : for new updates

Version : 4.06
Changelog : Bug Fixes

Version : 4.05
Changelog : Bug Fixes

Version : 4.04
Changelog :4.04 deleted 1.24a map added 1.24b map

Version : 4.03
Changelog : Fixed some errors of mega exp you need to stay afk in left4dd room, if u want to be in War3 RPG room, you need to open war3

Version : 4.02
Changelog : Mega EXP (Inner Megaexp) 4.0 added

Version : 4.1
Changelog : some fixes

Version : 4.0
Changelog : 1.22map + 1.24map

Version : 3.34
Changelog : added 1more thrd to mega exp

Version : 3.33
Changelog :fixed lagout function

Version : 3.32
Changelog : 1 added lagout function you can kick the player by sending him the message "lagout", he will be kicked but much like he is lagged out

2 added lag you can lag the specific player by sending him the message "lagon", he will receive 500ms mass lag. for stop lagging him with message "lagof"

credits to : Cqccyh for a superb program
credits to : 5566 for reminding on changelog
credits to : 5566 for virustotal scans.

Virustotal. MD5: 232becaf7e6c68eed9977de2aa452f2e Suspicious File RootKit.Win32.RESSDT.ap

by flar3star from 1st-

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