Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Drop Kick

Thats a custom kick for host ( work only if you are host ).

How to work that out :

First open garena , than crte your own game and start it as you want.

When you think you will lose the game and get a loss instd of quitting and receving a disconnect you alt tab your dota and open W3 drop kick !

What you must do , it is very simples:

W3 Drop Kick -- >

Hit refresh then all players of your game will appr then click in anyone and select drop by doing that *ALL PLAYERS WILL DROP*.

but here is a tip if you drop everybody on garena lobby will appr that you won a dota ladder game , but that is not true because the packet of win/loss was not sent *YET*

So what you do , you just kicked everybody from your game , remaining only you in your own game , so what to do to get a free victory ? just get everybody items , become over and finish the game ( y destroy the throne like a normal game ) Then the packets of winning / losing will be sent.


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