Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pudge666V2.0 10 March ByPass

ok i've tried and it mayb some of you can try and see..i've tried with original garena after updated

1. delete the avoid.dll
2. delete a file name common in lib
3. replace the files from pudge666 v2.0 (i guess u don have to do
so if u are not tryin tis from original garena),mning that u've
alrdy replace it before the update
GG update(10/3 & 11/3) - can try use this method to make pudge666 v1.0 or v2.0 working, be4 pudge out a new .

all credits to tkokweng.
Method 1(If your GG alrdy update on 10/3 & 11/3)
1. download the Lib_and_plugins from here.
2. Go to GG folder Delete the folder name "lib" and "plugins". (MUST DELETE, DONT OVERITE IT)
3. paste the "lib" and "plugins"from the Lib_and_plugins to the GG folder.
4. pudge666 v1.0 or v2.0 again!
5. wola~! your pudge666 work perfect again.

If your GG icon is missing, try to reinstall your GG and apply this method again and feedback is it working.

Method 2(If your GG still havent update on 10/3 & 11/3)
1. download Lib_and_plugins
2. extract the file update.xml to GG folder. (overite the previous one)
3. wola~! you had by pass the update! use pudge666's normaly

*USE IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK(test with a new accout 1st, i am not responsible on any of your acc get banned)
sry for my bad english.

All credtis to chew85

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