Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Master Solution

Guys, I solved the problem about Garena Master(not finding Garena process) on XP with Deep Freeze weeks ago.

Here I'll show you how it works:
1.Open Control Panel(Classic View)
2.Open the Administrative tools
3.Open Local Security Policy (Now you will be on the Local Security Settings)
4.On the left side, click Local Policies, after you click it you will then see the User Rights Assignment.
5.Click User Rights Assignment then find Debug Programs on the right side.
6.Right click on Debug Programs then click properties.
7.After you click properties you can now click Add User or Group,click advanced then click find now then choose administrator.
8.For those who don't have administrator , right click my computer, click Manage, under Local Users and Groups click Users on the right side then right click administrator then set .
9.After you've done the method from 1-8, you can now right click the garena master and run as administrator.
10. It is time for you to thank me now if I helped you. LOL
Hint: This method also works with other Garena which require debug privileges on XP with Deep Freeze.

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Thank kistah

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