Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena $$Metal$$ EXP Beta 1.0 +mega exp

hi,today im going to give u guys my new made $$Metal$$ EXP ftures:

1- The Wc3Ladder to display ~> Level,Disconnects,Win,Loss etc
2- You Can Lve Room While Playing
3- Can Use Map (Shadow French,Tyrano,Etc..)
4- Better Tunnel & AntiSpike
5- Can Use Any
6- Can Enter Ladder Rooms
7- Can Enter In Protected Rooms
8- No 5 Secs. Waiting
9- Not Detected By Garena
10- Ability To Multi-Client
11- map included
12-10 cool skins by 1st-
13-50-100/15min (basic)100-200 (gold)
14-MegaEXP v0.1(italian)
15-20 servers some might not work but 10 servers 100% working
16-invite members to clan even if basic member
17-chat with users even if they block chat owned
18-no update
-And Many More!
cridets go to : for the skins
~tm for the (its my user in GG-client)
here are the download links dont forget to run as vista

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