Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guide to become free GM using Dark Orbit

Ok guys. Everyone is asking how do this so I will show you how its done before everyone makes a thrd for asking this.
First of all thanks to The Boss and mkdtop for telling us how its done.
Maybe there are other ways but this is the way how I have done it and it worked without problems.
1.)You need a russian IP. Use russian proxyservers which can be found here
Russian Federation Open Proxy List and make a new garena account and set your country to russia.

2.)Download the russian garena.

3.)Now login using your new account and the first game on the top should be Dark Orbit. Choose it and you will see 3 buttons.The big red one in the middle starts the game. The other one to the left gives the GM. The one to the right isnt important.

Dark Orbit is a big browser game and the system of it is a bit complied. But the most important thing is that you can lvl up and thats how you become GM. lvl 1 gives you 3days, lvl 2 gives you 1 week and so on...(I´m lvl 2 at the moment so my GM lasts until 31.07.09)

The only ****** thing is that the whole game is on russian. But I solved the problem like this. I googled Dark Orbit and saw the game is available on many languages and that was they . I made a new account on Browser games ? more than 20 million people play DarkOrbit! and started playing with it parallel with the russian one in garena. sier: I played Dark Orbit on the german version and did the same thing later with the russian one. It´s 100% the same.

I dont want to explain how the game works so just rd the rules. All I can say is if you want to lvl up you have to do the quests. You will need 20-30 min to understand it a bit.

4.)So how do you get your GM. After you played it a bit just close the game and press the button wich is left from the big red button. A russian message will appr. Use Google Translate to translate it. Usually it say something like you got gold member for X days or some kind of error message. If that´s the case just start the game again, close it and press the GM button. If you dont get any error message, relog and check if it works. So everytime you lvl up in the game do this step to extend your GM.

And that´s it. It seems very complied because of all that text but it´s very sy. The difficult part is to play the game. It´s horrible the first minutes because you dont know what to do. But once you mastered that you won´t have any problems anymore.
Good Luck

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