Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golden Rules of DotA

1) Try to pawn if possible, otherwise stay away from feeding.

2) Heroes with high aspd will usually own in the late game, especially with bash.

3) Do not forget to get an orb-effect for your hero if you doesn't have one. The best late game orb-effect is lifestl.

4) Lifestl overrides everything for melee, you can get 2 orb effect for range, conditionally.

5) Do not be selfish, get your tm observer wards even if they refuse to buy, of course, only if you play l3g1t.

6) Burize is definately a wiser choice in late game since criticial gives you extra lifestl, whilst Mkb doesn't.

7) Best orb effect for heroes is always Mana because that's the only orb effect that works for s.

8) High doesn't always ensure high survivability. What ensures surivability is E (Effective Hit Points). Heroes with 3k but 0 armor is like heroes with 1.5k . Armor does matter, alot.

9) Try to get defensive item in rly game, Vanguard otherwise Stout Shield, or Hood if facing hvy nuker. Rushing for Sacred Relic for your first item isn't a wise choice.

10) Dota is a tm game.

Update 1

11) Do not waste a single second, to get 50 gold, you need wait for 50 seconds. Killing a creep/neutrals gives you 50 seconds extra. Keep that in mind.

That's all I could think of now. Will add more when I thought of it. Feel free to comment. Cheers.

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