Thursday, May 26, 2016

GarenaSection CLN/NEWS

As you guys may have noticed i clned from this section more than 200 thrds , moved them all to void section.

I think it is betters this way , i will make this section a cln section for all .
to make it sier and with sy acess for everybody , and to improve the srch system for all members.

I will keep clning it a little bit more , gonna move some old thrds that doesnt work anymore .

My thought is to make this section with very restricted thrds that everybody always replys and take their doughts in the respectives thrds and not open new ones like '' pudge666 cant make work v5.0 '' those type of thrds should be a post in pudge555v5.0 . and etc.

In the mntime i am working on my , but nothing new , just a method to make my lot sier to be worked on , as i see there are some ''new'' members that still dont get how to use pudge666.

Wont say much about it because i dont want exicte you all , who have actually their v5.0 working wont have anything new from this.

For now thats it.


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