Thursday, May 26, 2016

About 'Exp bugs'

Taken from some Garena administrator :

Offiicial Explanation of abnormal Experience Issue

Hello Garena Users,

Some of our users might notice that, in the past few days, we have encountered abnormal experience incrsing cases, even Garena Admins. Just few days, they have rched level 59 rapidly without any explained rson.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, and the following is the explanation of the abnormal experience issue:

Most of them are Garena Staffs and so far working for Garena, including the accounts GG.Shaka, Chjesu. There was an update in chinese site, so that we could merge the chinese data into our global system.

After we finished the merge, the experience of some staffs are incrsing rapidly and unstoppablely. They have reported the issue to us once it's found. Also we are working on that issue now.

Once it's fixed, all the abnormal experience will be removed from them, and also we will update all users in this article with the latest process.


Garena Tm

Hope you guys understand what's happening now, instd of spamming everywhere about the exp bugs.

Plse kindly wait for Garena to fix this


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