Thursday, May 26, 2016

<> Pudge check fast

guys i wroked alot on garena servers and i found all of the available servers of garena
12 servers
i list them here :

as u see : and have a same ip ,so we remove(omit) one of them. and have a same ip too,so we renove(omit) one of them too.

now we have 10 servers with 10 different ips that all of these ips belongs to garena
just pudge test them and see if we can gain exp from these ips or not.
be sure these ips belongs to garena
if you dont believe me just check them here:
Convert Host Name to IP Address or Find IP address of a host - e.g. find IP address of host name of

so pudge i am waiting for your reply
if all of them work we can get 1000 exp in 15 mins if you are a goldmember

pudge for example this is new?
can we gain exp from this server
just test pudge
hope for

sorry if i made a double thrd,just delete or close the other one
tnx pudge

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