Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to by pass updates

first look at this picture:

as you can see the garena needs to update and we don't want garna to update. so this thrd will tch you how to by pass garena update. no more update forever

1st step: open your garena folder then open "update.xml by NOTEPAD

2nd step: find the
the int "update version" is the version of your update. so if the in the picture is different iin your "update.xml", it's okay because it doesn't matter.

3rd step: change the in the "update version" by "100" just look at the picture how did i do it

4th step: try to log in.

sy isnt it?
then that's it. now you will lrn how to edit files
next you will lrn how to garena

for those who doesn't want to do this just download the file attached below.

Thank pa3k

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