Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to make garena hostbot

1 you need to download GhostOne from
2 set up ghost one in option menu for:
a . your warcraft 3 path
b . your Garena path (must be orginal)
c . your map path

3 start ghostone, start Garena, click Hook Garena from option menu
(ghost one will appr a message in main menu to say hook successful)
4 join a room and open war3

5 in ghostone map menu select a map and click crte map config then click load map

6 click rename set map name to dota663b

7 go back to main menu in ghostone command line type : load dota663b (some info will appred)
then type: pudg omfg
(will say crte game succesful)

8 back warcraft , you will see a host name: omfg
join and have fun

for admin command:

you need to put your wc3 name such as cqccyh01 in ghostone main menu, so account cqccyh01 will be able to use admin command in hostbot

commandlist :

!ban add a new ban to the database
!banlast [rson] ban the last lver, rsons = l, i, r, mh, lag, n, f
!drop drop all lagging players
!end end the game (disconnect everyone)
!kick kick a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!dr set game latency (50-500), lve blank to see current latency
!lock lock the game so only the game owner can run commands
!mutll mute global chat (allied and private chat still works)
!owner [name] set game owner to yourself, optionally add [name] to set game owner to someone else
!statsdota [name] display DotA player statistics, optionally add [name] to display statistics for another player (can be used by non admins)
!synclimit set sync limit for the lag screen (10-10000), lve blank to see current sync limit
!top10 top10, calculate with !topc or in GHost One first
!unlock unlock the game
!unmutll unmute global chat
!votekick start a votekick (it tries to do a partial match, can be used by non admins)
!hold ... hold a slot for someone
!holds ... hold a specified slot for someone
!abort abort countdown
!a alias to !abort
!closll close all open slots
!close ... close slot
!mute mutes a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!ping [] ping players, optionally add [] to kick players with ping above []
!swap swap slots

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