Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to CK: Firewall abuse (working for 1.23)

Ok there are so many people begging for a working Custom kick after the 1.23 that I decided to simple TUT.

What you will need:

A Pc
Garena(I think work on BNet custom also)
A Firewall with Advanced ftures enabled

1: Start your Garena->WC3 and host a customgame.

2:Let players join and start the game

3:Use Alt+Tab or the "Startbutton" to minimize WC3

4:Open up your firewall (i'm using Nod32) and go to the place where you can see all TCP/IP connections to your pc. You may activate advanced mode to find this...

5: Srch for the connections related to WC3.

6:Then just select one connection, riglick and close it

7:Return to game and see "XXXX has left the game!"

Happy CK'ing

I will update this tut with pic's if people think it's hard to understand all the steps.

Remember to tell others if this worked for you and do also tell what Firewall you used.

I may post a TUT on how to CK with viewTCP, time will tell...

Best regards Acel


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