Thursday, May 26, 2016

Other way to do exp and edit your own gamelist. By pa3k

okay i make this thrd because i got an error when i do the garena exp with the methods that the other member posted. the error i got is "run time error"

and also when i post the "garena 2.3" thrd. many said that they got an error. also run time error.

i got the error when i do this method:

the method that i'm trying to say is the method you saw in of the boss. 600 EXP []
i do what he did on his but i got an error. opening 6 garenas atthe same time make the error...

so for those who also got that error here's other method to do the exp :

for those who use upmsucks method:

do what upmsucks said at his thrd:
Methods - Exp /SF MH.

then set your garena rdy. don't open garena yet just set it and rdy it.

for those who try to use the that i posted before, garena 2.3.:
garena 2.3

i know many experience an error with butthis that's why i posted this

so do this for those who got an run time error:

-open 1st garena then log in server 1 udp port 1513 then join room

-open 2nd garena then log in server 2 udp port 1514 then join room

-open 3rd garena then log in server 3 udp port 1515 then join room

-open 4th garena then log in server 4 udp port 1516 then join room

-open 5th garena then log in server 5 udp port 1517 then join room

-open 6th garena then log in server 6 udp port 1518 then join room

then of course in the 1st 15 mins the exp is not stable, but when it goes by, you will get high exp gain.
but don't look at your exp in your garena. check your exp at

and also for those who only want 2 games in their garena here:


just download this and copy the gameen.dat and overwrite it to garena folder. then log in check if there are only two games.

for those who want to edit the games by yourself or if you want the games that you only played do this:
1. open garena folder
2. find gameen.dat
3. open it by notepad
4. go below the file you will saw there all of the games
5. delete the unwanted games there and save it

thanks to pudge666 i lrned it from him.

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