Thursday, May 26, 2016

Visual Custom Kick 3.7

Advanced Visual Custom Kick is the first CustomKick which enables kicking on Vista. It comes with many ftures and is constantly being updated.

Visual Custom Kick / Advanced Visual Custom Kick enables you, to kick players out of your Warcraft 3 games if you are host, automatically refresh your game, reduce the game start delay, show the enemy hlthbars, notify you when your game is full, automatically enter the gamemode for you and many more.

- Supports Vista
- Kick players conveniently with /vkick *Part of Playername*
- very speedy kicking
- No require to tray Warcraft III to kick someone
- Doesn't require many system resources
- Constantly updated
- AutoUpdate functions
- AutoUpdate on startup (if wished)
- AutoInject when Warcraft starts
- Loader can be minimized to tray
- Settings are stored
- Kicks on LAN
- Convenient interface
- Automatically write game modes
- Reduce the start countdown (the red s 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...)
- Reduces the latency
- Alerts you when your game is full
- Refreshes your game (Custom botnames, custom colors)
- Is very sy to use and well documentated unlike other Warcraft 3 Programs
- .. (And many more, try it yourself ! :-] )


I posted it in here since the elderly thrd is gone.
And peoploe are always begging for this kind of stuff so here it is a grt four..

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