Thursday, May 26, 2016

PudGe666 [Rd Carefully]

Ok just rd all thrds and posts from yesterday and today.
And now i am going to answer you all about whats going on and what happened.

For all my friends :

- I wanna say thanks for all community that stayed with me all this time , those who used my since version 1 , since i was just a normal member trying to understand how garena worked and etc. and relsed here my 1st in 1st- , happy days xD
Other members also joined me after Version 2,3 and did become my friends must thank you guys for your support.

Before other ask me thats not a good bye msg , ok ?

ok lets proceed:
You all know that i always relsed my for free and for you ( members of 1st ) , i never charged a cent for it.
And today i came here and what i see ? people calling me a traitor ? .....a traitor ?? lolz , just because i became a trial moderator at garena ? and what you guys think i will start to do reporting everybody nickname to garena ? whats the point of that ?

Let me clr things out , Garena doesnt care to ``WHO`` uses garena but they do care to ``FIX`` how garena works.
Think clrly here in 1st- and other websites of / and etc i am PudGe666 and always will be PudGe666 but there at garena forum i am just WaR.PudGe the Brazilian Moderator that got nothing to do with PudGe666.

I know a lot of things must be going on your mind right now. i will try to answer them all.

I wont relse anymore updates to pudge666 because i am tired of , yes you rd that correctly , we s/ are not machines made to always have THE BEST for you guys in hand.
I also have a life outside computer , a girlfriend , college , work and everything that normal people have. so dont blame me for stoping activity or whatever.

That mns will you stop working here ?

-No , i will keep moderating and updating forum with all brand news from / world.

But how you will do that being a moderator in Garena ?

Simple what i do here got nothing to do with there and vice versa.
That mns if i post a here from another place will i go against Garena Orders/rules/desires or whatever ?Of course not.
All public and were made to be and FIXED of course , the author of the work must have that in mind before rlising it to public.
What i will do here is just the connection between all the works in the world of .
And what people can download here they also can find in anywhere with just the right time to srch for it.

Of course i am not talking about private stuff noly the free stuff.

For those who said that i am a traitor:

-Dont come here at 1st- with 20 posts and open thrds or posts telling everybody that i am a traitor.
You will never accomplish even 5 % of what i did for the garena community.

Keep that in mind 1st- fellows:
1sT- is the webpage that i dedied some months of my life working and relasing my things.
I will never be a traitor here , that you all can be 100 % sure about it.

To finish:

-I will keep moderating this section.
-Dont keep spamming senseless posts about this issue anymore(or if you do go anywhere else )
-Yes i am Mod of Garena/and 1st- Mod of Garena Section.
-I wont be a spy of garena
-I wont be a spy of 1st- either.
-Pudge666 got nothing to do with WaR.PudGe.
(Dont start adding me at garena client to spam things.)

Alright i think thats it , any more questions about it plz make in this thrd.


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